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Forms and Guidance


Parental Declaration Form Academic Year 2021-22 – this form can be used to gather the information required to make an Early Education Funding claim and Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) and Disability Access Funding (DAF) applications. This mandatory information must then be entered onto the provider portal and submitted by the headcount deadline.

Early Leaver Form – this is to be completed and sent to Solihull FIS for any children who leave your setting following headcount payment.

Late Starter Form – this is to be completed and sent to Solihull FIS along with a completed parental declaration form for any children who join your setting following headcount payment.

Parents’ Network Form – please make this form available to parents who wish to sign up to the Parents’ Network to receive regular information on activities in and around Solihull.


Autumn 2021 Estimate Calculator – this tool can be used to calculate your estimate for your advance claim and will check date of birth range.

Part Week Calculation – this tool will help you calculate part weeks in order to make a funding claim.

Funding Rates

Funding TypeFunding Rate (from Summer 2021 term)
2 year old funding£5.40 per hour
3 and 4 year old funding (Universal and Extended hours)£4.04 per hour
Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)£0.53 per hour
Deprivation Supplement£0.65 per hour
Disability Access Funding (DAF)£615 per year
Level 1 Inclusion Funding (3 and 4 year olds only)£1.17 per hour
Level 2 High Needs Funding (2 year olds)£5.40 per hour
Level 2 High Needs Funding (3 and 4 year olds)£4.04 per hour


Early Education and Childcare Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities (June 2018)

Early years entitlements – operational guidance for local authorities & providers June 2018

Provider Agreement v1.7– this is the agreement between Childcare Providers/Schools and Solihull MBC regarding Early Education Funding.

2019 Privacy Notice – this outlines to parents of newly funded children how you will handle, store and share their information/data to the Department for Education. Please edit this template to ensure you are clear about the information you are collecting about children and parents.

Parental invoice calculation guidance– this guidance will assist you when additional fees/services are chargeable. The Local Authority has a statutory duty to ensure that your published nursery fees are applied correctly when the child is also accessing Early Education Funding for some of the hours attended.

Tax Free Childcare – information on the Tax Free Childcare scheme including how to sign up to offer Tax Free Childcare as a childcare provider.

Instructions for completing FIS Directory Update Form – please use these instruction if you are updating your directory information held by Solihull FIS.

Communication tools to promote government childcare entitlements

The Department for Education have produced a pack to help you communicate with working parents about the available offers and support that has been put in place.

In this pack, you’ll find a range of materials including:
1. Draft emails to share with parents or providers
2. An online flyer to share via email or social media channels with parents, promoting available support in response to the pandemic.
3. Social media suggestions; which are available to download for you to share (below) and guidance on using the childcare choices logo.
a. Social media asset 1
b. Social media asset 2
c. Social media asset 3
d. Childcare choices logo