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Provider Portal

You will be set up with access to the Provider Portal when you become registered to offer Early Education Funding. You will be given a username and password to log into the portal where you will make all your funding claims.

The link to the Provider Portal is

When you click into the above link you need to click login (top right hand corner). You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. Once you have logged in you will need to click on Childcare/Service Provider (top left hand corner). Then select Funding from the menu.

Password reset Expand

In order to reset your password please click on the link Forgotten your password. You will then receive an email with instructions to reset your password. Please note you can only use this function if you have tried to enter your password up to 3 times otherwise your account will be locked.

If your account is locked you will need to call your early education funding contact at the Family Information Service who will unlock your account and give you a temporary password. Please see contacts below.

You must meet the password requirements when resetting your password. (e.g. at least 8 characters with a capital letter, a number and a symbol).

Contact details

2, 3 and 4 year old Early Education Funding (if your setting/school begins with A-K) please contact:-

Sarah Maflahi, Information Assistant – 0121 704 6614 or email

2, 3 and 4 year old Early Education Funding (if your setting/school begins with L-Z) please contact:-

Jodi Goldin, Information Assistant – 0121 704 6015 or email

Eligibility Checker Expand

You can use the eligibility checker to verify if an eligibility code is valid prior to offering a funded place. This will give you live information of the code including the start date, end date and grace period end date.

Parents need to apply for their eligibility hour code by:

Deadline for application to HMRC: To start accessing the extended hours in:
31 August September term
31 December January term
31 March April term

Please note the grace period end date is the current guaranteed period that the child can access the extended hours. This date will be extended every time the parent successfully reconfirms their code.

If you code start date is after the HMRC deadline for the term then you will need to ask the parent to provide evidence that they applied for their eligibility code by the deadline. This can be correspondence they have received from HMRC. If they cannot provide this then you cannot offer the extended hours until the following term.

Estimate submission for Advance payment Expand

Submitting an estimate will result in you receiving an advance payment which will be 75% of your estimate claim. For advance payment dates for the term please see Spring 2023/24

You can use the Advance Input Schedule Advance Input Schedule   to calculate the estimate you need to submit. Please ensure you add the childrens’ funded hours to the correct age group as per the date of birth range for the term. Please see the current term tab for date of birth ranges.

Estimate submissions should be made by the deadline as stated for the term. If you fail to meet the initial deadline then you can receive a late advance payment so that you don’t have to wait for your headcount payment to receive any funding for the term.

Please see attached instructions for submitting an estimate.

To check if you have submitted an estimate to us please view the summary tab on the term / age group. Please note you can resubmit an estimate figure up until the estimate deadline and we will pay your advance payment based on your last submission.

Actuals submission for Headcount payment Expand

If you are claiming for any funded children you must add the child to the actuals tab and send your claim by the headcount deadline. For submission deadlines and payment dates for the current term please click here.

Once you have added children to the portal they will be carried forward each term apart from the Autumn term for 3 and 4 year olds when you will need to add all of your funded children. This should save you time as existing children on the portal will just need to be reviewed, updated and sent rather than being added every term.

If you make amendments to your headcount claim after sending the original claim please remember to press the send button after you have saved. It will only send the changes you have made on the portal. If you forget to send claim once you have made a change there will be a red triangle against the child’s name.

If you have want us to carry out an EYPP check on the children you have claimed for then you will need to ensure the EYPP consent box is ticked for each child otherwise an EYPP check will not be carried out. This can be found on the parent/carer tab.

For Disability Access Fund (DAF) you must only tick the box on the funding details tab if you are claiming for that term. If you have received a payment for DAF in a previous term within the year then there is no need to tick this box.

Please see attached instructions for adding children to the Provider Portal.

If you have existing children on the portal please see attached instructions for updating and submitting claims.

Removing a child from a claim Expand

If you have children who have left your setting, so you will not be claiming for them this term, you will need to ensure you delete them from your headcount claim before submitting it.

This will ensure that the Family Information Service know that you won’t be claiming for this child and another provider may make a claim for the term.

Please see attached instructions for how to remove a child from the provider portal.

Adjustments (DAF, Inclusion Fund and Late Starters) Expand

The adjustments tab will show you any additional payments we have made to your setting including:

  • Disability Access Fund (DAF)
  • Inclusion Funding
  • Late starters (paper claims received after headcount payment)

To see how to view adjustments please see attached instructions.

Early Leavers and Late Starters Expand

You may make changes to the headcount claim for early leavers and late starters up until the edits deadline each term without needing to submit paperwork. Once this deadline has passed you will need to submit:

If you have a late starter it is essential that you find out if the child has been elsewhere during the term and notice has been served.

If a child leaves your setting during the term then you can claim for a notice period as per your terms and conditions up to 4 weeks.

These forms can be found in the forms and guidance section by clicking here.