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Urgent Covid-19 update: people arriving in the UK from Denmark

November 10, 2020

The government has responded urgently [link] to the latest developments in Denmark reporting widespread Covid-19 outbreaks in mink farms, with a variant strain of the virus. The concern is that any vaccine currently in development won’t be effective on this new variant form.


From 4am on 7 November, British nationals, or residents, who are returning to the UK directly or indirectly from Denmark will need to self-isolate [link] along with all other members of their household until 2 weeks have passed since they were last in Denmark. Unlike other travel to the UK, there will be no exemptions to this quarantine policy.


For those who arrived before 4am on 7 November, anyone who has been in Denmark in the last 14 days must self-isolate along with their households. The length of that self-isolation will depend on when travellers were last in Denmark, and those affected will be contacted with advice.


If you are aware that any staff/parent/carer or pupil has returned from Denmark, please phone 0121 704 6892 as a matter of urgency.


Please ensure that they do not attend the school/setting and are aware that they must isolate at home with their whole household for 14 days from when they were last in Denmark. This is imperative to contain the spread of this new variant form of the virus.