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Importance of fun

Remote Learning in Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS): The importance of play 
A  document outlining the importance of play for parents managing remote learning

Fun is an important element of our day to day life for all ages, not to mention the health benefits that fun provides!

10 ways to have fun with your family…

  1. Watch a family film that makes you laugh out loud!
  2. Have a kitchen or living room disco! Play upbeat music that gets your body moving and that you can sing along to
  3. Start a family book club – read a classic like Charlotte’s Web or Harry Potter – everyone can join in with reading or just listening.
  4. Turn a walk into a scavenger or spotter hunt
  5. Make mealtime fun with a theme, try Italian or Mexican night or get baking!
  6. Learn to play some card and board games.
  7. Extend an invitation to a quiz or game with family over FaceTime or zoom.
  8. Play games outside such as hide and seek, tag or boules.
  9. Have a family art night – ‘Draw with Rob’ (Rob Biddulph on YouTube)
  10. Start a family project – build cardboard creations, create a fairy or vegetable garden…

10 benefits to having fun for the whole family…

  1. Reduces stress and helps us cope better.
  2. Improves and maintains good mental and physical health.
  3. Releases ‘Feel Good’ chemicals in our body.
  4. When we laugh and smile it can have a positive impact on our mood, and can lower blood pressure, improve breathing and regulate our heartbeat.
  5. Improves memory and concentration.
  6. Encourages teamwork
  7. Promotes better relationships and communication.
  8. Encourages self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect.
  9. Provides opportunities to learn something new.
  10. Stimulates creativity and imagination