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Technology tips

Schools will have selected an appropriate digital platform for their remote education provision. There are a range of platforms being used across schools in Solihull including Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Class Dojo, Purple Mash and many others. Below are some tips on using some of these platforms.

How to access home learning on PS4 and Xbox One | TechRadar–  families can access home learning through the browser on an Xbox or PlayStation if they are finding it difficult to access any other devices. Here is a guide on how to use your PS4 or Xbox to access your home learning.

How to get kids ready for video chat online classes – a crash course in socially acceptable (and safe) behaviour for live class meet-ups.

Using Microsoft Edge (hosted on YouTube) – viewing work in the Microsoft Edge browser allows you to type and draw on PDF worksheets and even have them read aloud.

Immersive Reader (hosted on YouTube) – the Immersive Reader supports reading for pupils with SEND and EAL but is actually useful for anyone. It can be used in most Microsoft Office products, including Teams.

Immersive Reader lets you:

  • change font size, text spacing, and background colour.
  • split up words into syllables.
  • highlight verbs, nouns, adjectives and sub-clauses.
  • choose between two fonts optimised to help with reading.
  • read out text aloud, and change the speed of reading
  • translate text into a different language

Getting started with Microsoft Teams for parents and guardians

Class Dojo parent help desk

Google Classroom tour for parents (hosted on YouTube)