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Tips for helping children at home

  • Sit down with your children and plan a timetable / structure for your day. A visual timetable might help
  • Include times for the children to play outside and to get some fresh air – just like they would have at break and lunchtimes
  • The quantity of work set is what is suggested from the DfE – if you are struggling with this – let the school know
  • Be patient with yourselves! It takes 3-4 years to train a primary school teacher and you cannot expect to be fully up and running overnight – the school is there to help
  • Be patient with the teachers too. They are trying their best under challenging circumstances
  • Have fun! Make learning fun. Try to view this as a special time with your child. They grow up so quickly, so try to enjoy this time. The more you relax, the easier it will become
  • Pick your battles. If your child is not willing to engage or they are not responding to you – ask your child’s class teacher for support.
  • For those children who are finding it difficult to separate school work and being at home, ask them to put their school uniform on whilst doing their school work and then change when they have finished.
  • If the remote activity becomes too much for everyone at home – focus on things you can help your child with, for example: telling the time, using money, reading, baking and other life skills such as getting dressed, tying shoe laces etc. Have fun and take the opportunity to spend time together.