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Terms of reference

In common with all local authorities, Solihull Schools Forum was established as part of the requirements of the Education Act 2002. The principal requirement is for local authorities to consult their schools forums on a range of financial matters concerning schools’ budgets.

The Solihull Schools Forum fulfills its role through a number of workgroups. Decisions are made at full forum meetings which are held up to six times each year. Forum meetings are public meetings.

Schools Forum constitution 2021-2022
[to be read alongside School Forum structure, powers and responsibilities]

Schools Forum powers and responsibilities (September 2018)
[key document at September 2018]

Schools Forum structure (September 2018)
[key document at September 2018]

Capital Work Group Terms of Reference (2021-2022)

EdSEND Group Terms of Reference (2021-2022)

Schools Forum Executive Terms of Reference (2021-2022)

Finance Work Group Terms of Reference (2020-22)