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Advice for Parents and Carers during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Isolating or staying at home with children of any age can bring a range of stresses and challenges as they may feel bored and cooped up inside the home without the usual routines of school and outings. This can be a tricky time for children that can lead to challenging behaviour and increasing demands on parents and carers, which can be very stressful.

Parenting Advice on topics such as routine, getting ready for school and playing with children can be found here.

Information to support home learning for early years children can be found here.

Try to find some time to yourself either during the day if you can or after the children are in bed to relax and re-charge. If you can, view the time at home as an opportunity to try new activities together, get creative, play games, watch films and encourage them to be active, such as dancing and home workouts.

A routine can help children feel secure and involving them in preparing meals can be enjoyable and may make the task feel less like a chore.

 Parenting advice and support at this time of COVID-19 outbreak can be found here

There is a lot of reliable advice on coping during the COVID-19 outbreak for parents and carers of babies and young children.

 This may be a difficult time for children and young people and advice for supporting your child or young person with the mental wellbeing at this time can be found here

Solar, the local emotional wellbeing and mental health services for Solihull children and young people can be found here

Young People aged 11-25yrs can access free counselling and support 24hrs per day at

One-on-one time where possible, praise for good behaviour and consistent routines can reduce challenging behaviour. To take share some of the chores, give your children and teens simple jobs with responsibilities. Just make sure it is something they are able to do and praise them when they do it!

A guide for talking to your child about COVID-19 and keeping occupied whilst at home can be found here

Finding accurate and recommended health advice during the Covid-19 outbreak can be difficult and a list of ‘Top ‘go-to’ advice’ has be developed with local and national trusted support on health and wellbeing.

How do I keep my child safe during the lockdown?

Homes can be accident hotspots and as children are home so much during a lockdown, taking steps to prevent accidents can keep your child/ren safe.

Hot things like drinks and hair straighteners or wands – decide where your safe spots are that you can put hot things down out of reach.

Cleaning things – we’ve never been so clean, but make sure it’s all stored safely away.

Button batteries – they can do a lot of harm to a child’s insides if swallowed, so check products, spares and flats and put them out of reach.

The Child Accident Prevention Trust has Top tips on lockdown safety to keep children safe.

How can I best support my child with their home learning?

It can be a challenge to support children and young people with their school work and they may need lots of help and reassurance. Quality, Government recommended learning websites and resources are available. For more ideas, there is more information and a further helpful list of websites that provide learning resources and ideas for activities that may help.


I do not live with my child’s mother/father can I visit or collect my children?

Where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes.