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Pregnancy can be an exciting time to imagine life when your baby arrives. Babies in the womb can hear and recognise voices and can be soothed by gentle stroking. Ways to bond with your baby in pregnancy are:

  • Talk: Did you know that babies’ hearing starts developing from about sixteen weeks into pregnancy? Speak or sing to your bump (really, go on!) – family can too. Ideas for ways to talk to your bump can be found here
  • Play & Cuddle: Gently stroke your bump especially if baby is moving
  • Relax: Spend time imagining your baby
  • Respond: Give your baby a nickname

The BBC’s Tiny Happy People website offers great ideas, tips and advice on bonding with your baby before birth as well as wellbeing during pregnancy.

Have a look at this free online course on pregnancy using the code APPLEJACKS – partners and unlimited family and friends can join too completely free!

Pregnant mums aged 19 and under can have support from specially trained Family Nurses from pregnancy until their child is two.

It’s never too early to start preparing a safe sleep space for your baby’s arrival. Knowing safer sleep advice is vital, and now is a great time to learn. Please refer to this important information on Safer sleep from day one and ask your Midwife or Health Visitor if you have any questions.

Having a smokefree pregnancy is the best step you can take to protect your little one and give them the very best start. For support to stop smoking call 0800 599 9880 or complete an online referral form

Plan ahead on how you’ll feed your baby can help when they arrive. Breastfeeding can be a wonderful way to bond whilst protecting mum’s and baby’s health.

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Why not get it touch with our Health Visiting team? Or even just browse lots of valuable information to get ready for your new arrival – visit Health for Under Five’s Website at: Health for Under 5s | For healthy, happy early years