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Have fun and build your little one’s brain

This website has information on enjoying your child at every stage from pregnancy to 5 years and what to do if you have concerns. Babies and toddlers love to interact and playing and cuddling with your little one isn’t just enjoyable, it helps their brains to develop well and thrive. The Five to Thrive approach describes simple ways to build brains throughout the baby and toddler months. During pregnancy, babies can hear and respond in readiness for life outside the womb. Babies are born to relate and love to track and stare at faces when they are newborn. Older babies can respond by gurgling and laughing and toddlers love games and stories. Pre-school children can play exciting roleplays but still need cuddle time to thrive. It is never too early to play, read to and bond with babies and children. This website will help you enjoy little ones in a way that helps them thrive.

Solihull Maternity and Early Years Strategy recognises the importance of early years and how we are stronger when we all work together to support young children and their families.

This strategy outlines our commitment to work in partnership to ensure a strong start in children’s lives.


Click here to view a quick read version of our Solihull Maternity and Early Years Strategy.

We invite you to contribute your views for Solihull’s definition of school readiness.

Parenting courses

Every Solihull resident can complete a range of online parenting courses for FREE using the access code APPLEJACKS.

There are three courses:

Participation is limitless and partners, grandparents, foster carers, uncles, aunts, older siblings, cousins, friends and anyone in a caring role of a child or young person can complete the courses.