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Governing bodies and early years providers should ensure that the school/setting’s policy sets out clearly how staff will be supported in carrying out their role to support pupils with medical conditions, and how this will be reviewed. This should specify how training needs are assessed, and how and by whom training will be commissioned and provided.

Advice and training is available to members of staff concerned with administration of medicines from South Warwickshire Foundation Trust.  All members of staff need to have some appreciation of the underlying medical condition and the need for treatment.  All staff volunteering to administer emergency medication must first receive appropriate training from South Warwickshire Foundation Trust through a school nurse or other suitably qualified health professional.

The employer must ensure that school/setting staff receive appropriate support and training, where necessary. Where specialist medical training is required in order for staff to administer certain medication, for example injections, the child’s parents may have medical professionals that they work with who could provide this training.  Where possible, training should be accredited.  Records of the satisfactory completion of all training should be kept. After training has been received the member of staff can withdraw or request further training if not completely assured of their ability to administer the medication or conduct the procedure safely.

Staff must not give prescription medicines or undertake healthcare procedures requiring medical or technical knowledge without appropriate training (updated to reflect any individual healthcare plans). In some cases, written instructions from the parent or on the medication container dispensed by the pharmacist may be considered sufficient, but ultimately this is for the school/setting to decide, having taken into consideration the training requirements as specified in pupils’ individual health care plans. A first-aid certificate does not constitute appropriate training in supporting children with medical conditions.