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Primary mathematics moderation

The aims of these sessions are for teachers to:

  • have a professional discussion around standards and evidence for assessing the mathematics in specific year group programmes of study;
  • share the evidence discussed by their school with a wider range of schools to ensure consistency in judgements across the borough;
  • feedback strengths and next steps to support the school assessment and moderation improvement cycle.

The ‘interim judgement’ sessions in autumn and spring will focus on evidence to date and how the pupil is achieving at that point in the term. As the full programme of study will have not been taught, it will not be possible to assess the standard the pupil is working at but professional discussions should enable the teacher to be confident that the current evidence base is accurate and consistently assessed compared to other schools in the borough.

In autumn and spring, the focus will be on a specific group of borderline pupils. It is more beneficial for schools to use the local authority moderation sessions to discuss pupils who have been tricky to assess as they progress from one standard to the next.

In the summer term, final judgements will be moderated for pupils who are either WTS/EXS or EXS/GDS. During this session, participants are also invited to bring pupil samples that are PKS/EXS.

The guidance document and other supporting documentation can be found here

Summer 2022 

Year 2: 13th May, 9.15 – 11.45am at Sans Souci

Year 1: 20th May, 9.15 – 11.45am at Sans Souci

Year 3: 10th June, 9.15 – 11.45am at Sans Souci

Year 4: 13th June, 1.15 – 3.45pm at Sans Souci

Year 5: 20th June, 1.15 – 3.45pm at Sans Souci

Year 6: 24th June, 9.15 – 11.45am at Sans Souci

To book a place, please email your details to clearly stating the title and date of this event.

Primary mathematics exemplification

This exemplification contains examples of presentations shared by teachers across a range of schools in Solihull during termly LA maths moderation. Each document has been moderated by a small group of teachers with agreements that the work shared is working WITHIN the specified level. In most of these discussions, it has been agreed that additional evidence would be required to confidently suggest that the pupils are working AT the specified level. None of the samples have been moderated or quality assured by the local authority or any external agency but have been kindly shared by participating teachers for others to use during internally assessments or moderation sessions.

Year groupBelow age related expectations (ARE)Age related expectations
Above age related expectations (ARE)
Year 1Not yet availableSchool A
School B
School A
School B
Year 2Working towards the expected standard - school AAt the expected standard - school ANot yet available
Year 3School ASchool A
School B
Not yet available
Year 4Not yet availableSchool A
School B
School C
School D
School A
Year 5Not yet availableNot yet availableNot yet available
Year 6Not yet availableSchool ANot yet available