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Part-time timetables

Dear Head Teacher/SENCO

Many thanks to those of you who have reported part-time timetables using the paperwork provided.

There remain a number of schools that have not yet responded though. As I have indicated previously, OFSTED are focussing on the arrangements that local authorities have in relation to part-time time-tables and the lack of a suitable process is likely to contribute towards a, ‘requires improvement’ finding in a school OFSTED inspection.

A deadline date of 15 June 2019 was provided. I am extending this to the 30 June 2019 for those schools who have not yet been able to respond. Please can you give some priority to this over the next week or two?

PLEASE REMEMBER – If you do not have any pupils on a PTTT, it is important that you provide a nil return to indicate this.

Kind Regards

Ann Lowe
Head of Service

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Date published: 13/06/19