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Developing Solgrid

This area is mainly for people working on the Solgrid site or on their own school sites when they’re being helped by Solihull Council.

The main Solgrid site is a network of sub-sites, each looking at one activity, sharing information between Solihull Council and schools.  Each of these sites is semi-independent with different administrators and a degree of flexibility.

However, we do want people to follow guidelines and do some things in standard ways.  Not because we’re mean and power-crazed but because we want to put the user first.  Remember, school users will be using many different sub-sites so their experience should be simple and coherent.

Site news

News story demonstration!

September 25, 2015

This shows how a news story can be created and appears on the home page.  The site its set – as a default to only post the most recent story …

Full story

Site news

Upcoming events

Sample event!

9.00am Fri 1st