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Places of worship

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order,
11 Park Road,

B13 8AB
0121 449 5279

The centre is now housed in new premises which used to be a synagogue. FWBO was founded in 1967 by an English Buddhist who
became a monk in 1950. The organisation seeks to make the faith relevant to the modern western world. The activities of the centre include meditation, study groups and retreats. There is also a shop. There is a
beautiful golden Buddha in the shrine room.

The centre welcomes visitors and is keen to help teachers with information and materials. A publication is produced 3 times a year, cost £3.

29-31 Osler Street,

B16 9EU
0121 454 6591

Theravadan Buddhist Vihara opened in 1982. The shrine room has a splendid marble statue of the Buddha. There is also a small library and a book stall in the centre.Open every day from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Visitors are welcome. Shoes have to be removed before entering the shrine room. Do not expect monks to shake hands, especially with a woman. A quarterly newsletter is produced giving information about activities at the centre.

180 Belgrave, Middleway,

B12 0XS
0121 440 5355

A purpose built mosque, completed in the 1970s with the dome added in 1982 and the 46 m high minaret the last feature to be built. The prayer hall holds 4,000 men and the gallery has room for 1000 women. Facilities
include an ablutions area, school, day centre, library offices, conference rooms, kitchen and mortuary.

Visitors are welcome as long as the conventions of modest dress are
observed. Shoes are removed before entering the prayer hall.

Kingdom Hall,
Windward Way,
Smith's Wood,

B36 0PF
0121 770 1167

Both congregations use the building.
Useful information available.

Hedingham Grove,
Chelmsley Wood,

B37 7TP
0121 770 8590

Built in 1960s, octagonal shape with large hall and 2 side rooms.

School visits are welcome and the Minister and church members would be available to talk to pupils both in the church and in schools in Chelmsley Wood.

Cheswick Green,
Primary School,
Cheswick Way,
Cheswick Green,

B90 4HG
01564 703091

Since the fellowship meets in the school, it is not possible for pupils to visit and no-one is available to visit schools.

741 Warwick Road,

B91 3DG
0121 628 5472

A simple modern building opened in 1966 to replace an earlier building built in 1883. The original home of Solihull congregational Church was Bethesda Chapel (1826) which occupied an adjacent site.

The church welcome visitors and a speaker would be available to talk with pupils either on the visit or in school.

Widney School,
Clifton Crescent,

B91 3LG
0121 745 8895

Since the congregation meets in the school, there is no building to visit but as the church belongs to the Parish of St. James the Great, Shirley, speakers could be arranged through the Church Office: 0121 745 8896.

Church Road,

B92 2AX
0121 745 2480

The meeting place is a hall attached to an extended semidetached house.

Adult baptisms take place in this hall and visitors are welcome to attend.

The community welcomes school visits and a speaker would be available to talk to pupils both in the hall and in school.

Grove Avenue
West Midlands

B91 2AH
0121 704 4428

A purpose built, modern building containing hall and Sunday School/Youth Group hall.

Visitors would be welcome to attend baptisms.

The community welcomes school visits and a speaker would be available to talk to pupils both in the hall and in school.