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Managing allegations

All staff should be familiar with the provisions procedures for managing allegations against staff and volunteers (including governors/trustees), and the provision follows the local authority managing allegations policy.

  • An allegation about a member of staff or a volunteer should be brought to the immediate attention of the headteacher.
  • An allegation about the headteacher should be brought to the immediate attention of the chair of governors.
  • Allegations can be brought directly to the attention of the local authority duty office.

All concerns should be recorded and a chronology of concerns kept by the case manager (headteacher or chair of governors), an example chronology is attached to this page. We ensure parents are clear about how to raise a concern about a member of staff, volunteer or a pupil (e.g. details on school website, letters to parents, parent induction meetings).

The headteacher (allegation against a member of staff or volunteer) or chair of governors (allegation against the headteacher) should ensure a timely response, and as case manager, maintain oversight of allegations, including oversight of LADO referrals and ensure a timely response to any allegations raised.  A template to support this is provided also attached to this page.

Updates and changes


These pages are updated regularly and should be used as the main source of information.  Printed versions should be used with care as they can become out of date.