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IT and information systems for schools


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Through consultation with Solihull schools' strategic accountability board (SSSAB) we are issuing a new data sharing agreement to all schools.

The current data sharing agreement only allows the data sharing early where it is due to be in the public domain. The revised agreement would allow the local authority to share appropriate data with the Solihull schools' teaching alliance, earlier, when it becomes available in July.  This would enable the alliance to target support to schools in a timelier manner.

This proposal has gone to SSSAB and it is in full support of the new agreement. Please read through the attached agreement and if you are satisfied, sign it and send it to

We can then implement the new arrangements for the 2019 results, provided we receive the signed agreements by the end of June 2019.

We have produced updated guidance about how to deal with emails threats and spam, building on advice from the Education & Skills Funding Agency.

Please see guidance document attached and link below.

Solihull Council has replaced its secure email system used to send particularly sensitive information. The notes explain how to use the system should someone at Solihull Council send you a secure email. Please note this should not affect many schools; existing email communications between most schools and Solihull Councl is already secure.

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