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Supporting refugees/asylum seekers in schools

What refugees say is important to them:

  • Going to school
  • Making friends
  • Caring, supportive and friendly teachers who are confident and interested in teaching children from diverse backgrounds
  • Being included in all activities
  • Opportunities to do activities with refugee and non-refugee peers, both in and out of school
  • Being in a school that values and celebrates their languages and cultures

Bill Bolloton, NALDIC research paper, 2016

Best practice:

  • Admissions and induction systems and procedures for new arrivals
  • Listening to refugee children
  • Confidence and skills in teaching children learning a new language
  • Peer support and friendship building
  • A culturally inclusive curriculum that values diversity and includes learning about refugees
  • Tackling bullying and derogatory language
  • Engaging with families

Bill Bolloton, NALDIC 2016