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EAL co-ordinators handbook March 2020

English as an additional language is not a particularly helpful term as it encompasses a huge range of pupils, some of whom may have had a full and formal education in one or more language other than English, some of whom may have had no prior education before and of course, everything else in between. It is helpful to split the group into separate sub-groups

  • New arrivals and beginners – this includes all pupils who are new to the UK or new to the English education system. Beginner EAL learners have usually been learning the language for 2 years or less.
  • Advanced learners of English – this refers to pupils who have been learning English for 2 years or more. They may not be actually particularly advanced but nor are they beginners any more.
  • Early Years – Children between 3 and 5 who are either in nursery/pre-school or Reception.
  • UASC/Refugees – pupils who have come from overseas as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) or as refugees with their families. Such children may have additional challenges due to their circumstances.

Each section (apart from Early Years) is divided into primary and secondary areas.