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The EAL Service takes referrals from schools that require support and advice for pupils with English as an additional language. These may be new arrivals or more advanced learners of English who are causing concern.

Schools are advised to wait for 2-3 weeks to allow new arrivals to settle in before referring them to the Service.

Referral will result in a visit from a member of our team to conduct an assessment. This will involve a parent meeting, observation and, when appropriate, some more formal assessment activities. As part of the process, all pupils at Key Stage 1 and above are required to have a Solihull Profile of Competence Assessment completed by school. This provides an essential baseline from which progress can be tracked. The Solihull Tracker document provides advice and strategies on how best to support pupils through the stages.

Outcomes of a referral vary depending on need. Our Protocol document outlines priorities for support. All referrals will result in a detailed report and many will be followed up by further advisory visits and/or direct support in school.
All relevant forms and documents can be found here.