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Safeguarding awareness training

This training is the education sector awareness training (formerly called level 1) and is equivalent to group 3 training as defined in Working together 2015.

Learning outcomes

The course:

  • Describes what safeguarding is and the different ways in which children can be harmed.
  • Teaches staff to recognise and describe indicators of child abuse and neglect.
  • Helps staff understand their roles and responsibilities and those of others in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.
  • Outlines what to do if you have concerns about a child in line with the provision’s Child Protection Policy.
  • Helps staff understand the need to work with families and other agencies and understand issues of lack of co-operation and non-compliance.
  • Describes areas of working practice that can make children and staff vulnerable.
  • Identifies the procedures for sharing concerns about another adult’s behaviour in line with your provision’s policy (code of conduct, managing allegations and whistleblowing Policy).

Updates and changes


These pages are updated regularly and should be used as the main source of information.  Printed versions should be used with care as they can become out of date.