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Health and safety in education

Site and Premises Security and Site Safety including fire risk assessment, fire drills, and first aid

Our health and safety policy (private extranet link) outlines our procedures in ensuring the site and premises are safe and secure.

This includes our risk assessment procedures, including:

  • The safety of staff, pupils and visitors to the school site.
  • Fencing and boundary security.
  • Procedures around the security of external doors (such as the external kitchen door) and access to the site.
  • Storage of hazardous substances.

We ensure and annual fire risk assessment takes place and any actions are swiftly addressed. Regular fire evacuation drills take place and logged on the fire evacuation log. Any actions identified through fire evacuation drills are addressed.

We will undertake to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation with regard to the provision of first aid for pupils, staff and visitors and will make sure that procedures are in place to meet that responsibility.

Driving at Work

Our driving at work policy (private extranet link) provides staff with clear guidance on driving at work.

Educational Visits

Our educational visits policy provides staff with guidance on planning educational visits and undertaking risk assessments.

Supporting Staff Working in Difficult Situations

We recognise that staff working in the school who have become involved with a safeguarding issue which they may find stressful and upsetting. By ensuring clear management oversight of work by senior leaders, we will ensure staff appropriate support in relation to their work.

We will further support staff as necessary, by providing an opportunity to talk through their anxieties with their line manager or other appropriate member of staff, and to seek further support as appropriate. This could include:

  • Work related stress risk assessment undertaken by the line manager. The Solihull MBC health and safety team can support in the creation of a work related stress risk assessment.
  • Access to the Employee Assistance Programme – CIC 0800 085 1376,, – username: sbclogin Password: wellbeing
  • Referral to Occupational Health for one-to-one counselling.

In the event of a violent incident the violence and aggression at work policy  (private intranet link) and risk assessment should be followed.


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Solihull Council supports schools with learning outside the classroom opportunities and arranging a wide range of out of school activities, e.g. visits to museums, trips to the countryside, taking part in adventurous activities and residential trips, etc.

In preparation for summer trips or new visits in the autumn term, we wanted to take the opportunity of reminding schools of the information, guidance, and support which is available to ensure that educational trips and visits are safely managed and continue to be successful learning opportunities.

The guidance includes some changes to the approval of visits from 1 September 2019 to help streamline the process in the planning of educational trips. Please ensure all relevant staff including senior leaders and educational visit coordinators are aware of this information.

Publication subject:

Dear Colleagues

We are delighted to announce the launch of Solihull's quality assurance framework for alternative provision. It is designed to support schools, and other commissioners, in monitoring consistency and quality in off-site alternative provision for school-age pupils. It sets out the high expectations that Solihull has in relation to the quality of education that we seek and expect for our children and young people in alternative provision.

Schools, as the commissioners, are responsible for the pupils on their roll that they place in any alternative provision. It is, therefore, their responsibility to undertake the initial and subsequent regular checks to ensure that the provision is safe and suitable – including for each individual pupil.

Where the local authority (LA) is the commissioner and is responsible for the pupil, the LA will undertake the initial checks and continuous monitoring.

We expect any provider offering placements for Solihull pupils to meet the quality assurance expectations within this document. Providers, therefore, should expect regular monitoring, including visits.

This framework provides us all with a consistent approach to ensuring that our pupils in AP are safe, learning well, making good progress and having their needs met.

Please do contact us with any feedback about the framework:

We will review the document regularly in light of your observations and comments so that the framework is consistently robust and helpful.

Thank you.

The Health and Safety Executive has issued a safety alert regarding platform lifts (vertical lifting platforms or lifts for people with impaired mobility) identifying a risk of falls from height to employees/workers and members of the public.

If your school has this type of equipment, please take the time to read the alert to consider any implications and take the appropriate action necessary as outlined in the attached communication.

Please ensure this information is communicated to relevant staff in school.

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