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Environmental health

Solihull environmental health team provide the following:

Food hygiene inspections (school kitchens)
• Registration as a food business
• Training on food handling for PTA and other groups
• Advice in the event of an infestation (eg: rats, mice, insects)
• Advice in the event of a food poisoning outbreak
• Advice in the event of an outbreak of an infectious disease

Food hygiene training for catering staff is provided by Solihull Catering Services.


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Clean air day is coming up and this is a great chance to raise awareness in the classroom of the issues that we are facing locally and nationally around air quality especially if you are thinking of taking up the offer of diffusion tube monitoring.

There is a schools toolkit on the clean air day website, link below, that will provide you with useful activities and tips for how you and pupils can get involved.

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