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Child protection (test)

(for all staff and governors)

[from Keeping children safe in education (DFE, 2018)]

“All staff should be aware of systems within their school or college which support safeguarding and these should be explained to them as part of staff induction. This should include:

  • the child protection policy;
  •  the [pupil] behaviour policy;
  • the staff behaviour policy (sometimes called a code of conduct);
  • the safeguarding response to children who go missing from education; and
  • the role of the designated safeguarding lead (including the identity of thedesignated safeguarding lead and any deputies).

Copies of policies and a copy of Part one of this document should be provided to staff at induction.”

Updates and changes


These pages are updated regularly and should be used as the main source of information.  Printed versions should be used with care as they can become out of date.