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Setting and school transition

Transition between schools can be a tricky time for children. A good transition can mean the difference between a pupil floundering and flourishing. The guidance on this webpage aims to support schools in planning for transition between different schools, although careful planning will be needed for any form of transition including from year to year.

Successful Transition Between Schools: A guide for all schools and academies in Solihull transition guidance

This guidance was produced by a group of schools in 2019 through the Schools Strategic Accountability Board and provides coherent guidance and ideas which we hope could be adopted by all schools across the borough.

Appendix (vii) – Covid 19: Alternative activities for transition between schools transition appendix

During a time when social distancing restrictions are in place and many pupils have been isolating at home, normal transition activities may be difficult to put into place. Pupils may be experiencing heightened anxiety about their transfer due to the length of time at home and without the usual opportunities to visit their new school, to meet staff and other students. Alternative activities may need to be considered during this difficult time to enable pupils to feel safe and happy about the move to their new school whether this be an infant, primary, junior, secondary or sixth form setting. This document is an appendix of, and should be read in conjunction with, Successful Transition Between Schools and focuses on alternate activities for transition whilst social distancing measures are in place.

Making a positive transition to secondary school:
A year 6 guide
A guide created by staff and pupils at Langley School to support year 6 pupils in the Evolve collaborative as they transition to secondary school.