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Maths forum

The primary maths forum has been established to provide an avenue of communication for schools to share ideas about what they need in order to improve mathematics teaching and learning. Key updates and news from forum members is also fed back during collaborative maths leader meetings. The forum is facilitated by a senior education improvement adviser and currently consists of two teachers from each collaborative and a representative for the special schools.

The forum meets for a half day each term and identifies key areas for support and, where appropriate, collates or produces materials to support schools. Outcomes are reported to SSSAB on a regular basis.

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[The attached handbook has been updated - 13/05/2019 @ 14:00]

This handbook provides key information about the statutory moderation processes at early years foundation stage and key stages 1 and 2. It does not replace statutory guidance but provides a local context. Revisions include:

  • changes to KS2 meet the moderator date
  • clarification around processes where insufficient evidence is found at KS1 and 2
  • further clarification within the local agreement
  • further clarification about the LA quality assurance process

Updates and changes


These pages are updated regularly and should be used as the main source of information.  Printed versions should be used with care as they can become out of date.