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Solihull School Nursing Team – core offer to schools

Solihull School Nursing Service updated referral form.

Solihull School Nursing Service have reviewed and updated the service referral form. Could you please now use the new form attached and discard any other referral forms for School Nursing that you have in your possession.

Please e-mail all referrals to the secure e-mail address which can also be found on the form, otherwise it may prevent your referral being triaged within the timeframe. Referrals can be made using the forms below.

If the referral is in relation to safeguarding concerns please direct to social care.

SWFT School Nurse NORTH Referral solihull july 2020

SWFT School Nurse SOUTH Referral solihull July 2020

Details of the school nursing team offer can be found below:

Primary school offer

Secondary school offer

For further information about school nursing in Solihull, please see the South Warwickshire Foundation Trust website.

For more information about the School Nursing Team’s offer to children and young people, please click here.