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Keeping Safe – (Parents)


Body safety education; a parents’ guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse

This new guide by Jayneen Sanders, author of children’s book ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ includes sections on: what is normal sexual behaviour; signs of sexual abuse; information about grooming; why and how to teach children body safety. You can view sample pages of the book from the ‘Some secret’s web-site and the book is available from Amazon from around £10.

The Safe Network provide information and resources relating to keeping children safe outside of the home. This includes when they are at after school activities, clubs and other occassions when children are not in the direct care of their parents/carers.

The Underwear Rule  helps to teach children how to keep themselves safe from sexual abuse. Leaflets are available for both children and adults.

Parents Against Sexual Exploitation (PACE) have produced an online interactive package for parents on the signs of child sexual exploitation. This free tool is designed to equip parents with the information and knowledge to safeguard children from this abuse.