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Drugs and Alcohol – Support Directory (CYP)

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SIAS (Solihull Integrated Addiction Services) is a partnership of organisations – Welcome, The Bridge, the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) and Aquarius – which work closely together to offer easy access to support and treatment for anyone whose drug or alcohol use has become problematic. This includes young people who would benefit from support as a result of their own drug/alcohol use and those affected by ‘Hidden Harm’ i.e. problematice use within families.

Drugscope has a specific website for 11-14 year olds, which features fact files, games and videos. Dworld also has section for parent and teachers.

Alcohol Concern have specific leaflets available for help on young people and drinking.

Alteen provide information and advice for young people who are affected by a problem drinker.

The Truth About Booze is Drinkaware’s website specifically for young people under 18yrs old.

Drinkline provides advice and information for anyone concerned about alcohol misuse. Advice on sensible drinking and information on services to help people cut down on their drinking.

Tel: 0800 917 8282 Mon–Thu 09.00–23.00; Fri–Sun 24 hours a day