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Difference and diversity resources

The resources and links below will support educators in raising awareness of the diverse world in which children and young people exist.

Autism Awareness

Autism West Midlands have produced a fact sheet for people living, working or learning alongside people with autism in order to increase understanding and help them to be more supportive.

The National Autistic Society have produced resource packs to improve the understanding of autism in schools and settings. The website also contains information about getting involved with Autism Awareness Week 2018.

The PSHE Association has partnered with Dimensions charity to produce and quality assure resources that aim to raise awareness of people with learning disabilities and autism. The #ImWithSam resource offers a lesson plan and supporting materials for KS3 pupils, including full teacher guidance on delivery.

Autism Toolbox provides resources for increasing peer awareness of autism.

Geek Club Books  is a nonprofit organisationwith a mission to teach all children about autism and empower those who are on the autism spectrum. They use digital media, app technology, curriculum, and webisodes to create a unique form of autism education through storytelling.

Disability Awareness

The Disability Action Alliance website has a useful collection of resources and links to other organisations which will support raising disability awareness with children and young people.

Physical Differences

Changing Faces: Provide online resources and training to schools on bullying because of physical difference.

Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

The Stamp Out Stigma resources have been developed to raise awareness of mental health and learning disability stigma.

See also  #ImWithSam detailed above.