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Emergency procedures

As part of general risk management processes all schools/settings should have arrangements in place for dealing with emergency situations.  Children should know what to do in the event of an emergency, such as telling a member of staff.  All staff should know how to call the emergency services and who is responsible for carrying out emergency procedures in the event of need.

Staff should not take a child to hospital in their own car.  It is always safer to call an ambulance.  If the parent/carer is unable to accompany their child, a member of staff must always accompany a child taken to hospital by ambulance and should stay until a parent/carer arrives.  Schools/settings need to ensure they understand the local emergency services cover arrangements and that the correct information is provided for navigation systems.

Health professionals are responsible for any decisions on medical treatment when a parent/carer is not available.  Basic medical information about the child, identifying data and contact details should be taken to hospital by school/setting staff.