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Governing bodies should ensure that the school’s policy sets out how complaints may be made and will be handled concerning the support provided to pupils with medical conditions. Should parents or pupils be dissatisfied with the support provided they should discuss their concerns directly with the school. If for whatever reason this does not resolve the issue, they may make a formal complaint via the school’s complaints procedure. Making a formal complaint to the DfE should only occur if it comes within the scope of section 496/497 of the Education Act 1996 and after other attempts at resolution have been exhausted. In the case of academies, it will be relevant to consider whether the academy has breached the terms of its Funding Agreement, or failed to comply with any other legal obligation placed on it. Ultimately, parents (and pupils) will be able to take independent legal advice and bring formal proceedings if they consider they have legitimate grounds to do so.

Further guidance from the DfE regarding complaints can be accessed here.