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Emergency Medication

Separate guidelines are in place for emergency medication (see below links). Anyone caring for children including teachers, other school and day care staff in charge of children have a common law duty of care to act like any reasonably prudent parent.  Staff need to make sure that children are healthy and safe.  In exceptional circumstances the duty of care could extend to administering medicines and/or taking action in an emergency.  New or temporary staff must be made aware of any pupil with specific medical needs.  In general the consequences of taking no action are likely to be more serious than those of trying to assist in an emergency.  This type of medication must be readily accessible in a known location, because in an emergency, time is of the essence.

The emergency medication which might be used includes:-

Training will be given by South Warwickshire Foundation Trust nurses or appropriate specialist nurses to all staff for emergency situations including the school/setting staff who have volunteered to administer emergency medication.