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Parent/carers should be encouraged to ask the GP to prescribe an antibiotic which can be given outside of school/setting hours wherever possible.

Most antibiotic medication will not need to be administered during school/setting hours. Twice daily doses should be given in the morning before school/setting and in the evening. Three times a day doses can normally be given in the morning before school/setting, immediately after (provided this is possible) and at bedtime.   It should normally only be necessary to give antibiotics in school/setting if the dose needs to be given four times a day, in which case a dose is needed at lunchtime.

Parent/carers must complete the consent form and confirm that the child is not known to be allergic to the antibiotic. The antibiotic should be brought into school/setting in the morning and taken home again at the end of each day by the parent/carer.  (Older pupils may bring in and take home their own antibiotics if considered appropriate by the parent/carer and teachers.)

Whenever possible the first dose of the course, and ideally the second dose, should be administered by the parent/carer.

All antibiotics must be clearly labelled with the child’s name, the name of the medication, the dose, the date of dispensing and be in their original container.

In the school/setting, the antibiotics should be stored in a secure cupboard or where necessary in a refrigerator. Many of the liquid antibiotics need to be stored in a refrigerator – if so, this will be stated on the label.  Some antibiotics must be taken at a specific time in relation to food.  Again this will be written on the label, and the instructions on the label must be carefully followed.  Tablets or capsules must be given with a glass of water.  The dose of a liquid antibiotic must be carefully measured in an appropriate medicine spoon, medicine pot or oral medicines syringe provided by the parent/carer.

The appropriate records must be made. If the pupil does not receive a dose, for whatever reason, the parent/carer must be informed that day.