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Medication and procedures

School/setting staff may be asked to perform the task of giving medication to children but they may not, however, be directed to do so.  The administering of medicines in schools/settings is entirely voluntary and not a contractual duty unless expressly stipulated within an individual’s job description.  In practice, many school/setting staff do volunteer. If a decision is made that medication is not going to be given, the school/setting will need to consider what other measures are to be taken when children have long term health conditions or otherwise need medication. These measures must not discriminate and must promote the good health of children. Policies must be made clear to parents. Further advice can be sought from your Trade Union or Professional Association.

*** The Early Years Foundation Framework stipulates that:

‘Prescription medicines should only be taken to a setting when this is essential and settings should only accept (prescription) medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.’

This is also advised for schools.

Please see the section on over the counter medicines for further clarification where a prescription may not be necessary. ***