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Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Protecting the health and well-being of our staff and ensuring that they have access to the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves, children and families against transmission of COVID 19 while carrying out their work is of the utmost importance to the Council.

Practising good hand hygiene and social distancing are key to minimising the risk of infection.  However, we recognise that for some areas of work this may not be sufficient to protect our staff/pupils so we have developed a clear policy to identify activities where we require school staff to wear PPE and also to clarify where PPE is not required.  This has been produced in line with the latest government guidance and is therefore subject to review should national guidance change.  This policy supersedes any guidance previously issued on the use of PPE by staff in Solihull state funded schools.

The policy can be found here. It is vital that every member of staff is aware of and understands the PPE policy.

In implementing this policy it is key that a dynamic risk assessment using professional judgement and infection control knowledge is used to decide on the appropriate level of PPE when working within close contact (within 2 metres) to ensure we protect the safety of the pupils and staff. We know how challenging working with children can be and do not underestimate this.

To ensure that we protect the most vulnerable, additional PPE is required for close personal contact with those that are part of the shielded population.  If there is the potential to visit a household or be in close contact with a member of the shielded population this should form part of your service level risk assessment.

The Council currently has access to the necessary PPE to support staff and is in regular contact with the PPE supply chain in order to maintain the necessary levels required.  PPE can be requested through your usual supply routes.  In the event that the required PPE is not available staff should not put themselves at risk.

For PPE supplies where you are unable to access them through your usual supply chains, please email .