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Dental Hygiene

Although dental health in Solihull is better than in England overall, 16.3% of our 5 year olds have one or more decayed, filled or missing teeth. (Solihull Child Health Profile 2018). There is variation across the borough with different issues presenting linked to both affluence and deprivation. The habits children develop at a young age will help to avoid potential dental and health issues now and in the future.

The following websites have resources and lesson plans that will support in promoting good dental hygiene:

Change4Life has created dental lesson plans to support primary school teachers in educating their pupils about how to keep their teeth healthy.

British Dental Foundation – a range of oral hygiene educational resources and a link to the ‘Detal Buddy’ website.

Advice from the NHS on the importance of good dental health. – includes resources for promoting Children’s Dental Health Month which takes place in February.