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Medicines in schools and settings

The purpose of these pages is to provide advice to staff on managing medication in schools/settings and to put in place effective systems to support individual children with medical conditions (both physical and mental health related). Information is also provided about first aid and sun safety in schools/settings.

For maintained schools in Solihull, these webpages replace the biennially updated ‘Medicines in Schools Guidance’ within which they are expected to work.

*** Latest updates  November 2018***

*** In March 2018, following national consultation, NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) published guidance for CCGs on conditions for which over the counter (OTC) items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care. Birmingham and Solihull CCG has subsequently developed its own policy, which is published under the Your Health section of the CCG website.

The CCG have also requested that we share this bulletin (information included within these webpages) which outlines the following:

  • the requirements for schools and early years’ settings,
  • administration of over the counter (OTC) medication in nurseries and early years’ settings;
  • supporting self-care, and
  • use of salbutamol and adrenaline auto injectors in a school environment.

Changes made to the medicines webpages as of November 2018 are summarised here: Solihull-Medicines-in-Schools-and-Settings-Guidance-and-Advice-Nov-18-Updates Schools have been alerted to the changes via Headlines.***

The advice given in these pages is congruent with Supporting pupils in school with medical conditions (DfE, Aug 2017).

This statutory guidance is for:

  • governing bodies of local-authority-maintained schools
  • proprietors of academies
  • management committees of pupil referral units

It is also relevant for anyone supporting children with medical conditions.

The Health in Schools Alliance have produced a helpful video clip showing how two schools ensure that children with medical conditions are appropriately supported and included in all aspects of school life.

The DfE have also produced a helpful document providing links to other useful resources when supporting children with medical conditions.

For early years practioners, the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (March 2017) identifies the mandatory requirements for all early years providers in England (from 3 April 2017).