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Following the information issued previously, the supply issue affecting EpiPen and EpiPen Junior is expected to continue for the remainder of 2018.

The guidance from children’s allergy experts outlined in the DfE’s previous email is now subject to the following updates:

·        During this period of reduced supply, 300mcg of adrenaline can be prescribed to children weighing 25kg or above, even where the pen might state 30kg or above; and

·        In the event of anaphylaxis during this shortage period, if a child has no in-date pen, an out-of-date pen can be used. Using an out-of-date pen might give a lower dose of adrenaline but it is better to use an out-of-date pen than wait for an ambulance to arrive.

Schools should note the guidance in the letter (also attached below) from NHS allergy experts, which is being issued by GPs to those affected and includes the updated advice.

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Free seasonal flu vaccinations are now available for all Council staff. Our priority is to ensure these are available to front line staff who are in regular direct contact with the public and service users.

Having a flu jab is completely safe and helps protect you from serious illness as well as helping us protect the most vulnerable people that we support.

Staff are reminded that anyone with a long term condition or pregnant can receive the vaccine free from their GP or pharmacist. If this applies to you, please use this option rather than the staff scheme.

To get a vaccination voucher complete the online form (links below). You will receive an email or SMS text to take to Boots Pharmacy. You can apply for a voucher individually or for a group of up to ten colleagues. Employees who do not have email or SMS access, or are unable to ask a colleague to print off the voucher for them, should telephone the Contact Centre on 0121 704 6000.

Please get your vaccination as soon as possible - vouchers are valid until 31 December 2018.



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Video: School dental surveys

A new video has been published to inform parents about what happens when a child takes part in Public Health England’s school dental surveys. The purpose of the video is to inform parents and schools about the surveys and help increase the numbers of parents who return consent forms to allow their children to take part. Dental decay among young children remains an important public health issue as it leads to pain and distress, sleepless nights for children and parents, and time off school and work. The oral health survey of 5-year-old children takes place every two years to collect dental health information for children aged 5 years old who attend mainstream, state-funded schools across England. It is carried out as part of the PHE National Dental Epidemiology Programme for England. The two minute video provides a visual explanation of the process and is aimed at parents and school staff. Please click on the link below.

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