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Eat well, move more is a healthy lifestyles programme, commissioned by public health, for children aged 4-16 years. The aim is to improve health through increased physical activity, increased intake of fruit and veg, better knowledge of a healthy lifestyle and how to sustain this.

The children who would be involved in the Eat well, move more programme would be those teachers/parents/carers feel there are concerns over their health such as being overweight/underweight, lacking nutritional knowledge, fussy eaters or inactive. The programme is designed to sensitively target these hard to reach groups, therefore we can run programmes for a select group of children or for the whole class as the focus is a healthy lifestyle.

Spaces available for schools during the autumn term or spring term contact to reserve your space.

Please find below the framework that was agreed by the SMBC Domestic Abuse Priority Group ahead of International Day on 25th November 2018, for the elimination of violence against women and girls.  Please could you consider how to use it within your organisation, including with staff.

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The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is a free service funded by the Department for Work & Pensions and is designed to help people experiencing mental health difficulties to have more good days.  Able Futures are working with Solihull Council HR to provide this service which enables employees and their families to quickly access a wide range of support from qualified health care professionals.

If you have an employee on your team (or if yourself or a family member are experiencing difficulties), you can encourage the individual to contact the free telephone helpline or online portal and you typically get a call back within one working day. The support provided is designed around the employee, their needs and daily routine and can involve a support programme of up to 9 months. To qualify for the service employees, will need to be working full or part time and have mental health difficulties that impact upon their work (there does not have to be a diagnosed condition).  The service will provide support to assist in reducing absence and help employees to remain in work.

The service complements the Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programs available and more information can be found on the HR Extranet wellbeing page or you can visit

Please see PDF document for display in the school staff room below.

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