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Assessment and moderation

Moderation is an integral part of assessment ensuring that standards are consistent among teachers, schools and LAs and that they are maintained from year to year.  In order to ensure accuracy and consistency in judgements, there are various processes a school may engage with.


Stage Description
Formative assessment Teachers make day-to-day professional judgements on children’s progress and attainment to inform next steps in learning.
Standardisation A professional development activity where teachers secure their understanding of national standards. Where there are differences, teachers must review their judgements and align them with national standards.
Teacher Assessment Following standardisation, teachers make informed judgements about children’s summative attainment against national standards. Teachers must base their teacher assessment judgement on a broad range of evidence across the curriculum for each pupil.
School moderation With colleagues in school, teachers use national standards and exemplification materials to review a selection of the judgements and supporting evidence to check their accuracy and consistency.
School cluster/ collaborative moderation and / or LA moderation events With colleagues from other schools, teachers use national standards and exemplification materials to review a selection of the judgements and supporting evidence to check their accuracy and consistency. Disagreement must be resolved to ensure that all judgements are in line with national standards and may require revisiting all previous teacher assessment judgements.

The TA frameworks only cover key aspects of assessment within Y2 and Y6. These will be used for external moderation purposes. For other year groups, teachers will need to refer to national curriculum programmes of study.

External statutory moderation Visits by LA external moderators to review teachers’ judgements across the range of attainment to ensure that teacher assessments are accurate and in line with national standards. If judgements are not validated by the external moderator, the moderator will explain what needs to be done to ensure the judgements are valid. Any changes to data will need to be resubmitted. The school must not resubmit TA data after the deadline without the authorisation from STA or the LA.

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Thank you to the schools who submitted their autumn phonics data through SIMS to the Data and Performance team. As this is a new collection process that became available at the end of last term only a small number of schools did this. Therefore, we have been able to arrange for the submission date to be extended to Friday 9th February 2018. If enough schools participate, analysis will be provided back to schools and in time we hope to create analyse within SIMS that you can run immediately after data entry has been completed. Having this data recorded in SIMS also means it is available to pull through onto other marksheets, such as tracker marksheets, which might be useful.

All schools within the CLLD network have had the relevant templates uploaded into SIMS. If you are not in the CLLD network but are interested in being part of this collection, please log a helpdesk call for EIMS, and they will set this up for you.

Could you please forward this information to your EYFS Reception teachers.

Places are still available on Monday 5th February, 1.00 - 3.30pm or Friday 9th February, 1.00 - 3.30pm. Both sessions will be held at Sans Souci.

Please note that the session on the morning of 9th February has been cancelled.

Audience: Teachers responsible for completing the EYFS Profile assessment and practitioners working with reception age children.

Delegates should bring along examples of evidence for children working at ELG to share and moderate with other reception class teachers and practitioners.

1 place per school is free of charge. Additional places are charged at £35.

Tutor: Jayne Draper

Bookings should be made through the Education Improvement Service. Please email delegate name/school and course name/date to:

Please see letter below outlining this term's science moderation sessions along with supporting paperwork.