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KS1 and KS2 statutory moderation and monitoring visits

LA Moderation Handbook 2020 2.1

Statutory moderation is an integral part of assessment ensuring that standards of assessment in reading, writing and mathematics at KS1, and writing at KS2, are consistent among teachers, schools and local authorities and that they are maintained from year to year. External moderation visits are only one part of the assessment process.

Each year the local authority selects at least 25% of its schools and 25% of its academies with KS1 pupils for an external moderation visit to moderate mathematics, writing and reading teacher assessments. At least 25% of schools and academies with KS2 pupils are also selected for the moderation of writing teacher assessments. This means that all schools will receive a visit at least once during each four-year cycle.

Schools may receive more than one visit  every four years due to the following considerations:

  • new teaching staff
  • newly qualified teacher in year 2 or year 6
  • a new senior leadership team
  • schools with a year 2 or year 6 cohort for the first time
  • Ofsted concern
  • unusual patterns of attainment
  • date and / or outcome of last external moderation visit
  • concern relating to the 2018 to 2019 assessment cycle, including maladministration
  • where assessment is felt to be at particular risk of inaccuracy
  • local authority or standard testing agency concern or where KS1 and KS2 assessments are inconsistent;
  • to ensure no obvious pattern for visits is set.

In addition, the local authority has a duty to make unannounced visits to schools to check that they are: following the security arrangements and administering the phonics check and KS2 tests in accordance with all published guidance and storing KS1 test papers securely.

Each year, we will make monitoring visits to at least ten per cent of maintained schools, before, during and after the test period.