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Preventative work on knife crime in primary schools and junior schools

We have been working in partnership with West Midlands Police in response to a recent spate of stabbings of young people across the West Midlands region.  We have considered preventative measures which we can undertake in order to ensure our children and young people across the borough are safe.  In order to do this, we require your assistance in helping to educate children, young people and their parents in relation to knife crime.  Attached is a letter from West Midlands Police to headteachers, a separate letter for parents and carers, and suggested resources to use in school to teach pupils how to keep safe. The lesson plan is targeted primarily at Year 6 and Year 5 pupils, however we suggest and wider safety for all pupils in school is considered in an age appropriate way.  We would like you to make this work an urgent priority this week.  Our designated safeguarding lead handbook has a section entitled gangs and youth violence which is a further resource if you need it.




Publication type: guidance, other
School phase: all independent schools, all junior academies, all junior schools, all primary academies, all primary schools, all special schools
Staff audience: chairs of governing bodies, designated safeguarding leads, governors/management committee members, headteachers/principals/managers
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Date published: 18/06/18