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DfE have issued an invitation to heads of schools to offer them the opportunity to voluntarily participate as an early adopter of the revised EYFS framework in academic year 2020/2021. They are asking schools to confirm participation at this early stage (by 7 February) to prepare for early adoption, once final policy decisions have been made.

We have decided to cancel the head reacher early years briefing, 9 March, and attach some reflections for your consideration and to help with your decision-making.

Schools will need to respond to the DfE invitation before the planned March meeting. Early years leaders and managers meetings (spring 2020) will explore the way forward and share arrangements to manage the change. Apologies for the cancellation, but this invitation has been issued ahead of the spring consultation response.

ELG Current and early adoption advantages

The DfE have now published guidance on how to access free period products in their place of study for learners at all state-maintained schools and 16 to 19 education organisations in England.

To make sure organisations have access to a wide range of period products in the most cost-effective and efficient way, the DfE have a contract with Personnel Hygiene Services Limited (phs). This allows you to order period products and have them delivered when you need them.

This guidance contains information on:

  • choosing and ordering period products
  • distributing products within institutions
  • tackling stigma

The following websites contain useful resources for schools to consider their own practice in supporting young people who are menstruating and addressing the stigma around menstruation with all pupils:

2020 will mark 75 years since the end of the Holocaust and the second world war.

Secondary schools and colleges are eligible to take part in the lessons from Auschwitz (FLA) project, which is open to two post-16 students comprising of two seminars and a one day visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Further information is available on the attached flyer.

This guidance provides governors with knowledge about the statutory moderation processes in EYFS, KS1 and KS2 and information about unnanounced monitoring visits for the phonics check and SATs.