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Collection of proficiency in English (PiE) data from schools

You will be asked to fill in a table with the numbers of pupils you have at each code. For details regarding the codes and their definitions as well as information about how to generate a code for each pupil please go to our page on the Solgrid website.

The data is required for pupils from year 1 upwards. Many of you will already have the information and will simply need to complete the template and email it back to us.

You can use SIMS to update PiE and there is information about how to do this on the EIMS pages of the extranet here. Linked to this, EIMS has produced a SIMS report definition form which you can import into your SIMS system. The report is available here (this link is a direct link to a SIMS report definition file for installation).

We will be using the data to inform our risk assessments as well as to get a strategic view of the numbers and stages of EAL learners in the LA. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

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Date published: 22/05/19