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Updated statutory relationships, health and relationships and sex education guidance

February 26, 2019

The Department for Education has launched its new health, sex and relationships (SRE) and sex education statutory guidance. Currently, the document says that it is draft as it is awaiting final parliamentary sign-off. Further changes are not however anticipated. Moving forwards, the PSHE Association and Sex Education Forum websites will have updated information to support schools in preparing for the statutory changes coming into force from September 2020.

Schools with primary aged pupils in Solihull are well-placed to deliver the new requirements as all have been provided with Jigsaw PSHE. The providers are confident that both the content and the approach of Jigsaw means that schools delivering their PSHE though the Jigsaw Programme will comfortably meet the DfE requirements (as long as they are delivering Jigsaw with fidelity).

Schools with secondary pupils will be invited to attend a number of events over the coming terms in order to support them with meeting the new statutory requirements.