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Solihull’s vision for school improvement

Solihull local authority’s school improvement services seek to work in partnership with pupils, parents and carers, elected councillors and education providers to create a first class education service in which all our children and young people develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to be confident and successful citizens.

We support partners to focus on pupil achievement in its broadest sense and transform educational experiences for children and young people so that they are well prepared for the next phase in their education and on in to the workplace.

To achieve this we will work in partnership with our families, schools, academies, colleges and other providers to raise standards of achievement and rates of progression for all young people, through promoting effective parenting, teaching, learning, leadership and management.


Tagging communications 

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Proof of concept

This site is currently being developed

The site is due to be demonstrated on 3 October 2017 to Solihull headteachers and principals.


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